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The Dynamic app is without doubt the best tool to get familiar with the compulsories.

All potential patterns for 2023 are included.


This app can show you Indoor Skydiving Dynamic Flying Compulsories being flown by 3D models and you can choose any pattern you wish to see be flown.


You have the option to watch from different camera angles and you even have a camera which you can move around to watch from any angle you wish.


There are many features such as,


Option of 1,2 or 4 fliers and each flyer can be in a different colour suit of your choosing.

Change the door position to suit the tunnel you fly in.

A random draw generator for training.

Change the speed you watch them fly in.

Link to the official FAI rules.

Choose specific patterns to watch or make them random.

Dynamic flyers of the world, hello!


As the Dynamic community grows, more and more exciting competitions are held and the battles are more intense and amazing to watch.
4 way is growing and the rules are getting tweaked year by year and during 2018 we will be putting into place new Snakes , vertical and mixers into the dive pool. These will be getting tested this year to clarify all the rules for the moves and ready to be officially in place for the  year 2019 on FAI events.

Judges courses are more strict and structured and we have introduced a refreshers course for all judges to take before competition to keep them current or at anytime they please. This website has a new judges page which holds information about judges courses, qualified judges and the test to become a judge or do your refreshers test.

Solo speed rules will be looked into to make a few adjustments but don't worry this will all be published when it happens around next year.

Competitors levels are getting higher and everyone is loving the 4 way action and the creative 2 way routines so keep it coming, push yourself and others and we look forward to seeing you fly!

Thanks for the continued support!

Fly fast!