Frequently asked questions


On this page you will find answers to many questions asked occasionally. At any point, you can refer to this page to find answers to any questions or updates on rules that may not be clear when watching the videos or in the rule book. If you are not sure about a certain rule and the answer is not on this page, please contact us and we will provide you with the answer.

Updated 7/4/16



When does the centre line apply on snakes? 

At any point you have to pass a certain sideline, you have to make sure you are on the left or right side of the tunnel. 


Can we fly the snake pattern in straight lines and not carving?

Yes, but make sure you fly the correct pattern. One rule regarding this method is you cannot fly to a section more than twice.

For example: the picture shows a diagram of the tunnel split into 4 sections.

You can only fly to a section twice in a row(TL-BR-TL).

You cannot fly to a section three times or more in a row(TL-BR-TL-BR).








For the classic which way do I have to turn?

You can turn either direction for the head down and head up part of the classic as long you are turning in the same directio as your team .

Only when you are coming from a head down snake to the classic you have to turn the opposite direction as the carve. The head up part afterwards you can turn in any direction. 







Does the ring apply on mixers?

No, when you are performing any part of the mixer, the ring does NOT apply.





Do the sidelines have to be positioned in the same place as the videos?

No, the new compulsory entrance and exit is designed so that a broad spectrum of windtunnels can place the sidelines in any position. We understand that many windtunnels have different layouts, such as where the driver control sits or where the spectators are generally placed. The sidelines can be placed in the location which suits the tunnel’s needs. Regardless of where the sidelines are placed, the first page is always carving with the right shoulder leading (if you are in head up orientation) and the starting side line is always the first line to the left (if you are standing in the door looking into the tunnel).





How do I organise a competition?

Please contact us and we can give you any updated information. Furthermore, we can help organise anything for you from as little as judging to assisting with running the whole competition. We have years of experience in running all types of competitions and have all the contacts you will need.


Is this the divepool used for FAI rules? 

Yes, this divepool will be used world-wide at all major competitions and is the FAI official rules too. To find out more about the format of a certain competition, please click on the link of the event on the Competitions page.


I’m not ready for the open category. Is there still a competition that I could participate in? 

We now have the option to introduce B category at certain competitions, which will be comprised of only a few selected patterns from the divepool, making the category more accessible to all skill levels and enabling more people to join the fun. 


Why are the competition formats different for a lot of the competitions?

A lot of wind tunnels want to run their competitions with their own unique format. The rounds selected in quarter finals, semi-finals, etc. will be different at each competition, so please check the specific competition on the Competitions page for details on how that event will run. 





Are some videos missing?

These are being currently edited and updated and everything will be shown in the coming weeks. We have many videos being made which will show you all areas of the rules. If you subscribe to our youtube channel, you will be informed of any new videos uploaded.