1/2 Apr 2016


This competition will be the new divepool. Feb 2016.


The Competition will be held at Bodyflight Bedford , UK


The competition will be run over 2 days, Friday 1st April and Saturday 2nd April 2016.


Enter only one or both disciplines you choose for one registration fee.

Knock out tournament for dynamic speed.

Best freeround wins £2000 



There will be a gold , silver and bronze awarded for dynamic speed.

£2000 to the winner.


£2000  also to the best free round.



Judges - 


Adam Mattacola Léo Blanchon Clément Gyzmo Josh O'Donogue



Artisics/ Freeround


Choose to enter or not for free. The best free routine wins £2000!



Dynamic speed round


Knock out tournament format



Divepool - A Catergory


Head Down Inface snake

Head Down Switching snake

Head Up Inface Snake

Head Up Switching snake

Head  down Mix Inface snake

Head up Mix Inface snake


Back Layout

Head Up 360

Head Down 360



Half Barrel roll


Head Down Inface circles

Head Up Inface circles 

Mix Circles

Reverse mix circles

Head Down Shuffler

Head up Shuffler

Mix Shuffler


Day 1 (Friday 1st April)




Day 2 (Saturday 2nd April)



How to enter


  • Register your team by

  • Registration fee £400. This fee can enter you into both catergories or only one. 


Team rules


  • Flyers can only participate in one team. 

  • Teams can have one alternative.

  • Team members can be of any nationality or gender.

  • Teams have one protest during the whole competition at a fee of £30.



Free round rules


  • Judges to be Adam Mattacola, Leo Blanco, Clement Gyzmo, Josh O'Dpnogue

  • Teams create a routine if they wish of their choice which last 60 seconds.

  • Routine will be scored on Presentation, Technical difficulty and Execution. Marks will be scored out of 10.0.

  • Time starts when the first flyer enters the tunnel


Speed round rules (dynamic)


  • Teams fly the sequence as fast as they can 3 times and then exit the tunnel.

  • 1 sequence consists of a random draw of 1 Snake – 1 Vertical – 1 mixer in that order. (All snakes, vertical and mixers can be found in the descriptions and video below).

  • Time starts when the first team members feet leave the floor.

  • Time finishes when the last team members feet land on the floor. 


Bust for speed rounds


  • When the whole body does not pass the intended lines.

  • When any part of the body passes through the circle on all verticals.

  • When any snake, vertical or mixer is not performed correctly.

  • Teams can only bust once for each snake, vertical or mixer on each sequence.

  • All busts will incur a 5 second penalty.

  • If there is no clear attempt to perform the snake, vertical or mixer a 20 second penalty will be incurred.

  • If there is a deliberate exit of the tunnel before completion of the 3 sequences, the team will forfeit the round. 






All snakes can be viewed here


​Head Down inface snake

Head Up inface snake

Head down swithing snake

HEad up switching snake

Head down mix snake

Head up mix snake


  • All snakes start in the same place.

  • All snakes finish in the same place.

  • All snakes must be flown in the correct pattern and flyers must pass the required lines completely.




All verticals can be viewed here


  1. Back Layout

  2. Butterfly

  3. Head Up 360

  4. Head down 360 

  5. half back barrel roll

  6. classic


  • All verticals will start in the same place

  • All verticals will finish in the same place.

  • All verticals – Flyers must completely pass the required lines and around the center circle which is located 2metres high on the tunnel line.





All mixers can be viewed here


  1. Head Down Inface circles

  2. Head Up inface circles

  3. Head Down Inface shuffler

  4. Head up shuffler

  5. Mix shuffler

  6. Mix circles

  7. Reverse mix circles


  • All mixers will start in the same place.

  • All mixers will finish in the same place.

  • During a mixer each flyer must pass the line on each section of the move.


For examples of a flown sequence click here


For any questions relating to the rules or technical information about the competition please contact:


Adam Mattacola



For all administration questions please contact: