Dynamic flying was created by many different athletes from around the world putting together their ideas and pushing the sport.


Over the years we have been adapting the discipline and trying new ways to make this discipline into a competition.

Havard Flaat and Alex Aimid pushed hard to make this happen.

After many ideas and tries we are finally coming up to the final product. 

Each year a group of top fliers from around the world work trying to make this a successful discipline.


Windoor was the first tunnel to make a 2 way dynamic competition which was organised by Adam Mattacola.

Using the basis of the D4W rules Adam has adapted them to make a 2 way competition.



We had an oppotunity to present our sport live on TV  via Extreme Barcelona. So we staged  the dynamic flying event as a trial to see how spectators will react. It has the potential to be part of X-games.


Extreme Barcelona hosted a 2 way and 4 way competition and made the  dive pool bigger and it was a success.


These rules have been tested and worked successfully. We have since used the rules for all Wind games competitions and world challenge competition since aswell as the big prize money competition DUBAI.  


With now the help of Domi Kiger helping the discipline we have a good forseeable future with more great people working together.

We hope to progress this sport and make it more public and known. Extreme Barcelona was a good start broadcasting over many channels with live TV coverage. So let's make wind tunnel flying a sport to be watched. All comeptitions now have life stream and the numbers of people watching are increasing.


To get involved in dynamic flying is easy and there are many coaches who can help you throughout the world and are availible any time.  


Come and compete, enjoy and fly fast!


Adam Mattacola